Hey Dolls! I thought it would be a little fun to have you guys ask me questions and I answer them so you can get to know me a little on a personal level. 😊 I rounded up some questions that were asked so here you go!

Q: What's Your Real Name?

A: Courtney (not a fan 😕)

Q: How Old Are You?

A: 28.5 😁

Q: How Tall Are You?

A: About 5' 7"

Q: Dream Job?

A: Entrepreneur (Stylist, Interior Designer, Creative Designer, Event Coordinator)

Q: What's Your Favorite Place?

A: Hair Salon

Q: Favorite Holiday?

A: Thanksgiving

Q: What's Your Favorite Netflix Show?

A: I have SO many! One of them is "Lie To Me"

Q: Celebrity Crush?

A: Kofi Siriboe

Q: Guilty Pleasure

A: Shopping... lol

Q: What's Your Favorite Food?

A: Pasta

Q: Favorite Sweet?

A: Ice Cream ❤︎

Q: Food You Hate?

A: Sweet Potato

Q: Favorite Takeout?

A: Fast food (burger & fries)

Q: What Would Your Last Meal On Earth Be?

A: Either pasta or salad

Q: What's The Last Thing You Ate?

A: Currently eating ice cream 😁

Q: Favorite Makeup Brand?

A: I don't wear makeup but when I do... Bare Minerals foundation

Q: Favorite Skincare Brand?

A: Neutrogena ❤︎

Q: What Makeup Product Can't You Live Without?

A: My mascara!

Q: Fears?

A: Bugs!

Q: Any Bad Habits?

A: My facial expressions/reactions to things (I'm working on it lol)

Q: What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

A: Liars


Hey Dolls! I've been SUPER busy prepping for the launch of the clothing line, meetings and upcoming projects BUT.... I haven't forgotten about you guys. 😙 I will be adding more content to the blog a lot more often -starting tomorrow so bare with me.



Happy Monday Dolls! It's the perfect day for casual meeting attire. Later, I'll post some casual business looks you can get away with -in and out of the office. Stay tuned! 😊



Happy to announce that pre-orders for Ny's children's line will be available next week!! 🎉😆 We're really proud of this project, can't wait for you guys to see! Payments accepted through Cash App & PayPal only! Online store will be live soon!

Black Girl Magic


In honor of Black History Month and Black Excellence, I've decided to honor our people through fashion and art. 😊 Because what better way than to spice something else than through fashion and black art?! Most posts will be on reina-lovee.com, but I figured I'd share a few here on IG. Hope you all enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to my site and my YouTube channel... got a vlog coming this weekend. 😉

Fashion Friday


It's #FashionFriday! 🙌🏽 Every week, I'll post my fashion inspos as well as my favorite looks from celebrities, bloggers, or even you guys! 😊 This week's fashion inspo is @emilisindlev (Instagram)👠


Hey loves!

Just a brief overview of what I'm working on to keep you in the loop. I know I previously announced that I'll be partnering on KnotsxBows bowtie brand but due to production conflict and miscommunication, I have pulled myself from the project. BUT.... I was already doing my own thing in the background so that there would be no major loss and you guys will be happy to know that I'm working on some wonderful projects. 😊

One of which, my project "Who.What.Wear": a street fashion photography portfolio I plan to take world wide. Anyone can be featured in this portfolio, shoot me an email (click "Connect" in the navigation bar) if you're interested.

My YouTube channel is simply an open book of fashion and my life as a young entrepreneur. I will have tons of behind the scenes looks at what I'm working on as well as events I'm running or a part of.

Lastly, I'm working on a project with my daughter that is going to be the masterpiece to the brand. I can't give details (legal stuff), but I promise you will know within the next few weeks. 😁

Thank you for being patient and continuing to ride with me. As always, a grind is a terrible thing to waste -stay on yours.

                                   xoxo Reina 💋