Hair Growth In Just 1 Week!


I started my hair growth routine last night and hoping it works for you Dolls too! For starters... I cut my hair in the very beginning of June and mt hair has already grown a few inches without this method. I get treatments every 2-3 weeks and my hair is so much fuller and softer.

I used to have long hair but wasn't really taking care of it. Then I went natural to repair and restore my hair back to its strong, full, and long ways. We all want healthy hair without ripping our pockets so I found a natural, inexpensive way to grow 1-2 inches of hair per week. 

Mix a warm (yes, warm it up) cocktail 🍸 of Pumpkin Oil (you need more of this because it's your base oil) and Peppermint Essential Oil (you need less of this because it's really concentrated) and massage it in your scalp (it tingles, that's normal) for 5-7 minutes ⏰. You can use it as a moisturizer on dry hair, or a pre-shampoo treatment. Here's where the magic ✨ comes... flip your hair upside down and massage your scalp -this is called the inversion method -it boosts circulation by allowing blood to flow to your roots, helping your hair grow a little faster. I'm NO hair expert! Everyone's hair is different so don't be bummed if it takes longer than expected. Also, if you're unaware of any allergies to these ingredients, do a test patch to see if you're allergic.

🔑Pumpkin Oil is known to reverse balding while Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates/rejuvenates the follicles for healthy hair growth. Do this everyday for a week, let me know your results! 😊