Wear Your Crown 👑


Lately, I've been hearing negative thoughts about African American women and natural hair. Let me just say this.... there's NOTHING wrong with either of the two! We as black women don't get enough credit for the things we go through. Men could do a little better at valuing black women as well. With social media, reality shows and celebrity relationships... the majority of celebrity men have a white woman or Spanish woman on their arm.

I watched a documentary on color preference and I was disgusted with a lot of what I saw. A lot of men preferred women of a lighter complexion and softer hair versus a brown or dark complexion and natural or coarsed hair. People have a general assumption of black women. They call us "crazy", "unstable" and "ghetto". It's time the racial profiling stopped.

Anytime a man, or anyone else tries to make you feel less than...... polish your crown and say "honey, I'm beautiful. My complexion is beautiful. Not you, or anyone else can say otherwise." Stay strong Queens. 👑