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Serenity Hart

Serenity Hart

So in love with her Instagram. Her concept is to get people (women specifically) to embrace their nakedness. After having my baby, I've always battled with my fluctuating self-esteem. I'm SLOWLY learning to embrace my scars and love my curves, but it isn't always easy. Looking at her blog made me realize how selective the world is. Everyone wants "the perfect body": big breasts, big booty, tiny waist, long flowy hair, perfect eyebrows, long lashes, but NEVER stop to think that everyone is starting to look the same. Sometimes I forget to appreciate the body God gave me, but I'm working on myself and learning to love my nakedness. 😊

Know your worth! As women, we need to understand that not everyone is perfect and that we were all made unique and should embrace that uniqueness. 👑  check her out 👉 IG: @serenityhartuse  

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