I'm always up for a fun DIY project, so I went over to Michael's and got a few cute things to make "Mommy" and "Me" bracelets for my aunt, and cousins as well as "Me" bracelets for the little girls.😊 These are my bracelets: the "Mommy" bracelets (left) each come with an Elephant symbolizing the blood, sweat, tears, devotion, protection, and love we have for our children 👶 and then the birthstone of that child(ren). My baby is a Peridot. 💚  The "Me" bracelets come with charms that speak to your character. I didn't make myself a "Me" bracelet, but I did make myself a "Peace" bracelet (right). The "Peace" bracelets come with spiritual, uplifting charms. I had TOO much fun making these, and it was actually pretty soothing! 😌