Heyy Dolls!

It's been SO crazy, I haven't even been able to get all my blog posts/styles in order to share with you 😞  BUT..... I have so much in store for you Dolls it's ridiculous! 😆 Okay so first, I've been styling up a storm but I've recently changed job titles and upgraded to full-time hours so I haven't been able to post everything the way I wanted. 😕 I'm going to work on bringing my daily blogs (might not always be posted on time, but blogs will be daily lol) back so you guys can see the consistency and won't be left in the dark on what's to come. Next, I will be getting a camera so you guys can see my looks and what I'm up to. 😏 Also, I'll be working on coming up with a clutch and handbag line with my Honey so look out for that. Lastly, I've been working on my Youtube channel to share my work with you guys. It'll be different from the typical Youtube channels -something to keep you interested and at the edge of your seat (look out for that launch this year)! I am so excited for all the projects to come, the work is going to be put IN! 💪🏽 Thanks for all the support and keep checking out the site, my Instagram, and Twitter for updates. 😘