Reina Lovee

Women With Purpose

Reina LoveeComment

There's no doubt that women are the strongest human beings. In fact, It's almost like we were chosen for this life. The fact that we can indure things like our menstral cycle, puberty/hormones, and even childbirth is beyond a magic power by even the best magician! We put up a fight, we break down, we get back up, and we fight again! Being a women is quite the honor, I wouldn't want to be anything else.

I believe we were put on this earth to serve and survive. We as women have a purpose whether we know it or not. Our purpose may not all be the same, but we know we are destined to be more than what the media projects. We are strong, we are solid, and anyone who tries to argue that is showing nothing but intimidation. 

We women with a purpose, we have the right to be anything we put our mind to. Remember, "a grind is a terrible thing to waste."