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Real "Relationship Goals"

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I figured I'd do a little post on REAL relationship goals to help people look for the right things in a partner. These "goals" our generation have nowadays are childish and unrealistic. Matching Jordans and cars should NOT be something to look forward to. Here are some things I feel are key to a happy relationship:

  • A relationship is a partnership.
  • What you should want in a relationship is loyalty, love, and fun.
  • Work on wanting a secure and stable foundation with this person.
  • Helping one another out in hardships and not making your partner feel inferior. It would be a miracle if two people were bringing equal amounts to the table and I get that it doesn't always happen, but if someone is in a worse situation than their partner it's important to bring up your partner and not make them feel less than.
  • Being supportive of eachother.
  • Helping one another be better for not only you, but for themselves.

I like to use my own relationships in situations like this because I've been in a relationship where I wasn't doing as well as my partner and it took a toll on me because we would always argue about who's doing better in life and at the time, I had an infant to take care of so my situation wasn't the greatest but I did what I could and apparently it wasn't enough so he would make me feel inferior. I never really liked the idea of asking for help whenever I really needed it because I always got that "you wouldn't have that if it weren't for me" or "I've done this for you"... etc. so I would always rather struggle on my own and depend on myself but being in a relationship where I didn't feel equal, I told myself that ever since then, I knew that I didn't deserve to be treated like that. Remember what's important in a relationship and you and your partner will have a happy, successful relationship. You should always want the best for yourself -you deserve to be treated like a King or Queen but with every successful relationship, there are two successful individuals. 💕