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Where do I even start?!

For one, I know I'm not the only one that feels African Americans were never going to get a chance in society. After Martin Luther King Jr. I'm sure we all thought THAT was the moment we were going to be equal and treated like everyone else. WRONG! Not only does racial profiling go back for decades, it never really left society. I'm not here to bash America but let's face it..... this country was always intended to be run by white people. Having an African American to lead our country, I thought, was going to be the start of equality and justice for our people, but BOY was I wrong! There were so many people for, yet so many people against the idea of having a black leader in the White House. But then again, there was never any intent to give our people justice. I won't even TOUCH the topic of the racist cops we have killing our innocent people because that rant could go on forever! Instead, I'm going to voice how I feel about my people in general:

I am VERY much so pro-black! I'm not racist (not that I can be), nor do I hate white people. BUT..... I am and have ALWAYS been for MY people because I believe that the treatment we receive is just sad and disgusting! I think it's safe to say that we all (as African Americans) have experienced a little racial profiling at least once in our lives; whether it's a dirty look when you walk by, whether a person gets up and moves to a different section of a train/bus as you sit near them, whether you're hanging with a group of friends outside and a person crosses the street instead of walking on the side they were originally on to avoid you all, or simply walking into ANY store and getting eyes burned into your skin because you "look" like you could potentially steal something probably because you're browsing for "too long". All of these are small signs of racial profiling, and whether they want to admit it or not, they ALL (in the back of their minds) have these thoughts -or maybe worse thoughts, who knows!

I took it upon myself to come up with the idea to somehow change the system. In order to do that though... we obviously have to get through congress first which means congress needs to change! I feel like a lot of the people in congress have been there for too damn long and the office needs a fresh pair of eyes, DIVERSITY in members, and some younger congress members that'll be able to voice their opinion/speak for their generation to change the game and possibly change the system. Will I think this will stop all crime or the problems in the world? No. Do I think it'll make a HUGE difference? Definitely. Will it be easy? Hell no! Is it worth a try? Hell Yes.

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