Reina Lovee

Two Different Worlds

Reina LoveeComment

What if you were with a man/woman with different life goals than you. You're madly in love with this person but you're not sure if it would work because you want different things. How do you handle that? How to you overcome a feeling of confusion? How do you get unstuck?

I can tell you this..... if both of you are not on the same level on everything, and I'm not talking about career paths or who makes more money because no couple is making the same amount of money -I'm talking about in life values........ then it probably won't work out -unless you both settle for what it is. It's better to be honest and open with one another BEFORE you get too involved so that you can avoid a situation that'll have you stuck. People are too quick to rush into something before actually getting to know the situation. Moral of the story.... pay attention to the signs given to you -vibes never lie.