Reina Lovee


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Q: "What is your favorite color?"

A: I have two; Purple & Yellow.

Q: "Is your real name Reina?"

A: Nope, it's my nickname. I'm known to be the drama queen in my family so "Queen" was what I was known as -"Reina" means "Queen" in Spanish. I changed it because back in middle school and high school, everyone and their mama was the "H.B.I.C" (Head B*tch In Charge).. using "Queen" in the most idiotic way so I translated my nickname to Spanish to separate myself from that crowd. My real name is Courtney.

Q: "What's your nationality?"

A: My mother's side is from Canada & Barbados and my father's side is from Louisiana; they're Creole.

Q: "How long have you and your boyfriend been together?"

A: 1 year of engagement and it'll be 3 years next month that we've been together.

Q: "How come you don't have a lot of pictures of your daughter on social media?"

A: I like to keep my daughter away from the trash on social media. To be honest, people have said some real negative shit about my child (not that I give a damn about what people say), and those same "lame-os" are following my social media sites so I just feel they're not really worth being a part of her life. 

Q: "If you had a dream 'day job'.. what would it be?"

A: Ohh that's easy! I would be a Marketing Associate.

Q: "What's your favorite genre of movies?"

A: Pssh.. Horror! lol